Purple Team

Our Team

We owe our many successes to
our wonderful, close-knit, funny,
and incredibly lively team

Though we have a diverse range of backgrounds
and hail from more than 6 different countries, at
Purple Leads, there’s no distance between us

Read on to learn more about the incredible people that make up our Purple Leads family

Our Team

James Van Elswyk
CEO and Co-founder of Purple Leads

James Van Elswyk “What I love about Purple Leads is its incredible, fast-moving energy - and our amazing talent. Everything happens at such a rapid pace, and everyone here is absolutely, 100% capable of handling whatever each new day throws at us. What’s especially fantastic is that each person that works at Purple Leads is committed to success. They’re not just here to “punch in” in the morning and “punch out” at the end of the day. They’re addicted to their work and love Purple Leads as if it were their own.”

The original founder of Purple Leads, James has more than 8 years of hands-on experience in marketing, media buying, and growth optimization. Using his expert analytical and management skills, James builds teams and optimizes performance through every stage of a company’s funnel, enabling them to scale up with long-term success. His clients, many of whom have been with James since the beginning of his career, know they can rely on James’ exceptional skills to provide them with highly-qualified leads, extend the reach of their marketing campaigns, and optimize their internal and external communications - driving them millions of dollars in profits. Since launching Purple Leads in Israel, James and Daniel have continued to generate thousands of leads for clients across numerous verticals, as well as grow Purple Leads from an expert team of two, to a professional network of 25 passionate employees across 3 continents within just 6 short months.

“James is absolutely dedicated to each and every task on hand. He is strong, deeply passionate about his responsibilities, and strives for perfection in everything that he does. I truly admire him.” -Daniel Javor

Daniel Javor
Co-founder of Purple Leads

Daniel Javor “We don’t take things slow here. Purple Leads is a fast-paced business in a fast-paced industry. We are competitive - everyone who works here wants to win, wants to achieve success. But at the same time, we are united. We work together to make sure everyone is satisfied. And if someone isn’t happy, we work together to fix it. They say there’s give and take in every company, but here, everyone just wants to give. There’s really no distance between any of us here. We really are like a family.”

Daniel is a natural at everything related to digital marketing, ecommerce, and lead generation. And it all started with one tiny shop on eBay at the age of 14. Bursting with ideas and an incredible drive to realize them, Daniel saw the unique potential to flourish in Israel and moved to Tel Aviv in his late teens. With a keen eye for pinpointing profitable ventures, Daniel continued to develop and expand on his business concepts and founded a string of highly competitive offline ventures. While doing so, he continued to expand his professional network and devoted hundreds of hours to researching and investigating new opportunities online. In 2013, Daniel jumped back into the online world with a dramatic entry into performance-based marketing. He quickly dominated multiple niches from every traffic source, from pop-ups to RTBs and everything in between. Yet, as he nurtured and scaled up his operations online, Daniel continued to search for other uniquely profitable ventures. Then in 2015, Daniel entered the most demanding, competitive market in the world: the U.S. lead generation space. And his success was staggering. Literally overnight, he began generating thousands of highly qualified leads across a wide range of verticals for his diverse portfolio of clients. One of whom, was James Van Elswyk. As their working relationship grew, James and Daniel quickly recognized a remarkable opportunity open to them. By combining their skills and expertise to open a branch of Purple Leads in Israel, they could tap into a magnificent wealth of local talent and creativity. This would enable them to completely disrupt lead generation not just in the United States, but the world over. It didn’t take long before they shook hands and jumped straight into work. Today, Daniel is the face of Purple Leads. As CEO, he ensures that all operations run as seamlessly as possible and that every new idea or plan is rapidly brought to life. Daniel also constantly taps his wide network of professional connections to make sure that Purple Leads stays on top of industry developments, to secure all clients excellent returns on their investments and exceed expectations - both clients’ and their own - at all times. In his spare time, Daniel is an active startup investor, always on the lookout for companies and people who share his and Purple Leads’ pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit.

“Working with Daniel is nothing short of amazing. I’m in awe of his intensity, his quick mind, and his fair, level-headed thinking in every situation.”- James Van Elswyk

Mats Veenman
IT Specialist

As Purple Leads, Mats is both a programmer and expert media buyer. From his office in cosmopolitan Amsterdam, Mats uses his extensive knowledge from his degree in Computer Science, combined with a lengthy background in performance-based marketing, to achieve great successes. Mats ensures that Purple Leads’ online operations and pathways are always optimized to their prime to help secure clients excellent returns on their investments.

Deyan Ivanov
Project Manager

“You know, it sounds strange, but at Purple Leads, things are so much fun that it doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy everything - the team, the variety of projects, and the friendly, helpful attitude of everyone here. It’s just fantastic.”

Prior to becoming a part of Purple Leads, Deyan spent the best part of a decade working as a prime Media Buyer and expert Project Manager for a large number of international clients. His highly developed skills in analysing web traffic, optimizing advertisements, and managing campaigns help ensure that performance goals aren’t just met, but are exceeded.

“Detailed oriented, Deyan constantly invents new, unique strategies to improve advertising performance. And he never gives up - he is incredibly persistent, and it absolutely pays off.” Mats

Rita Sheredeko
Senior Media Buyer and Campaign Manager

Rita Sheredeko“What’s so refreshing about working at Purple Leads is the atmosphere. It’s so vibrant and full of life - every day you’re learning something new. And my co-workers? So funny! So refreshing! It’s wonderful being a part of this.”

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from a prestigious Moscow university, Rita is a true marketing professional and is intensely passionate about her work. Leaving no stone unturned, she watches her campaigns’ data like a hawk, pinpointing exactly where improvements can be made and taking swift action to ensure success. Rita enjoys the thrill of seeking out new opportunities to maximize the benefits for Purple Leads’ clients and their marketing campaigns.

“I absolutely love working with Rita. Actually, we are polar opposites, but we have a wonderful team vibe and balance each other out perfectly. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she is a lot of fun.” - Dani Singer

Maryana Shifman
Media Buyer

Maryana Shifman“Purple Leads really is like a family. A very dynamic, fast-moving family, but a family all the same. Everyone supports each other, and everyone is always ready to lend a hand to help out.”

Maryana is unique amongst media buyers. Her dual background in television production and academic Sociology empowers her to look past all distractions to narrow in on where, why, and how people click. Her sharp focus and analytical skills enable her to optimize the placement of clients’ advertisements to ensure the success of many campaigns.

“Maryana is a great communicator - both with her contacts for her campaigns, as well the rest of the Purple Leads team. And she’s always ready to help out, or learn something new.” -Rita Sheredeko

Lydia Vujadinovic
Executive Administrator

Lydia Vujadinovic“I love working here at Purple Leads and being a part of this growing company. Every day there is something new going on. It’s so dynamic, rewarding, and so much fun! It’s fantastic working at a place where you feel really appreciated.”

With a strong background in administration, Lydia’s years of experience in office management and personal assistance enable her to take control of any situation and handle a huge variety of complex tasks with ease. From arranging international client meetings to finding a local repairman for a broken iPad, Lydia ensures everything at Purple Leads runs smoothly and efficiently - and is completed on schedule.

“Lydia is fantastic. I can rely on her with closed eyes! She always gets everything done perfectly.” -Ksenia Lifshitz

Joshua Ghazal
Affiliate Manager

Joshua Ghazal“If I had to choose one thing to say about Purple Leads, it’s that there’s an awesome team vibe here. There’s no office politics. None! Everyone really wants to help out – they’re not just here to do their job and go home.”

Having worked extensively in lead generation, lead routing, management, and sales, Joshua intuitively gauges the quality of all leads that come his way and directs them to the right sales people in order to maximize sales. By looking at the bigger picture, Joshua effectively maps out a range of solutions for each client, ensuring that they are happily satisfied at all times.

“Having worked with Josh for years, I know first-hand how great he is at managing relationships. I really respect his attention to detail as well as his self-sufficient thinking.”- Daniel Javor

Daphna Rodriguez Gonen
Client Relationship Manager

Daphna Rodriguez Gonen“The entire team at Purple Leads is just fantastic. Everyone is super professional and incredibly dedicated to their responsibilities - but at the same time, they’re so relaxed and down to earth!”

With over nine years of experience in management and sales, it takes Daphna only a few seconds to understand a client– and less than 5 minutes to break the ice with them. Personable, yet always professional, Daphna uses her sharp skills to successfully match clients with creative solutions to their problems.

“Daphna is a vigilant about closing deals as she is about keeping clients. She is a natural at maintaining high level relationships and clients.”- James VanElswyk